Competition Subjects

All competition entries should adhere to the subject guidelines. Entries that don’t meet the guidelines might score poorly even if the picture is of exceptional quality.

2015-2016 Competitions and Subjects

Month Day PSA Subject Subject Definition
September 28 Photo-Travel Panorama  An Image where one side must be at least twice the length of the other
October 26 Creative Architectural details  A portion of a structure
November 23 Nature Fall Foliage  Autumn tress in color
December 14 Photo-Journalism Candid’s/Street photography Candid images of people. Nothing staged or posed
January 25 People-Person Abstract A non-representational composition of form and color/tones
February 22 Photo-Travel Macro Close ups
March 28 Creative Bird(s) Live Birds
April 25 Nature Cityscape An urban landscape
May 23 Photo-Journalism Reflections Any kind
June 27 People-Person Rivers and streams
July 25 Photo-Travel Flowers Any non-artificial flowers
August 22 Creative Seascape A broad-view image at the ocean


2014-2015 Competitions and Subjects

Month Day PSA Subject Subject Definition
September 22 Photojournalism Soft focus flower
October 27 People-person Animal
November 24 Photo-travel Landscape
December 8 Creative Churches Any place of worship
January 26 Nature Still life Must create the setup yourself (i.e. no hi jinx, store displays, etc…)
February 23 Photojournalism A moment in time An opportunity to focus in on one of those life moments that evokes an emotion
March 23 People-person Macro Extreme close up
April 27 Phototravel Small bodies of water Little streams, ponds, falls, etc…
May 11* Creative Cell Phone Must be captured on a cell phone.  Processing can be done on the phone or a computer.  Please note the app(s) used.
June 22 Nature Rain/Raindrops Rain as it falls from the sky, water droplets on something, etc…
July 27 Photojournalism Paths A clearing in the trees, decorative walkways, etc…
August 24 People-person Long Exposure Longer than normal exposure time to capture the passage of time.  e.g.  Streaky clouds, silky water, light, trails, …)

* early meeting due to Memorial Day


2013-2014 Competitions and Subjects

Month Day PSA Subject Subject Definition
September 23 Creative Motion Capture the sense of motion
October 28 Nature At Night Under a dark night sky, open subject
November 25 Photojournalism Reflections Any surface that shows a reflection
December 9 People-Person Zoo Wild animals in a zoo, safari park, sanctuary,… Farm animals & pets excluded
January 27 Photo Travel Seacapes/scenes Ocean and shore, open subject
February 24 Creative New Hampshire Pictures identifiably taken in NH
March 24 Nature Graffiti
April 28 Photojournalism In the Fog An outdoor image in fog or mist
May 12* People-Person Patterns A repeated pattern, natural or man made
June 23 Photo Travel Flowing Water Naturally or artificially flowing water
July 28 Creative Birds Any bird
August 25 Nature Insect(s) Insects, spiders and other bugs with 6 or more legs; any stage of life


2012-2013 Competitions and Subjects

Date Subject PSA Subject
September 24 Architecture (Buildings – old and new) People-Person
October 22 Seascape (Images taken at the ocean) Photo Travel
November 26 Row of Things (Anything in a row) Creative
December 10 In Motion (depicting subtle of gross movement) Nature
January 28 Motor Vehicle Part (a single part or parts of a vehicle or the whole vehicle ) Photojournalism
February 25 Table Top (a table top setup; non-maker set ups, except for NECCC hi-jinx type, are acceptable) People-Person
March 25 Broken (subject must be broken) Photo Travel
April 22 Non-flower Macro (anything close-up, macro or micro, except flowers) Creative
May 13 Droplets (condensation, dew, rain, mist, etc.) Nature
June 24 Bird/s (a single bird or a group of birds) Photojournalism
July 29 Landscape (landscapes; seascapes are not acceptable) People-Person
August 26 Flower (single flower; if the flower is bunched or on a stalk [ex, lilac & lupines], then the bunch, stalk,… is acceptable.) Photo Travel


2011-2012 Competitions and Subjects

Date Subject PSA Subject
September 26 Abstract (Compels the viewer to ask, “what is that”) Nature
October 24 Soft focus (edited for romantic effect) Photojournalism
November 28 Old Barn (inside or out) People-Person
December 12 Downtown (details of buildings, signs, etc.) Photo Travel
January 23 Candid (unposed portrait)> Creative>
February 27 Country Road Nature
March 26 Long exposure (can be in daylight or at night) Photojournalism
April 23 Icicles People-Person
May 14 Church or Chapel (inside or out)> Photo Travel
June 25 Lighted sign (neon or lighted after dark) Creative
July 23 Single flower Nature
August 27 In the Garden Photojournalism