Manchester Camera Club Competitions

Manchester Camera Club holds local competitions and participates in the regional New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) competitions.  Once a month, the club holds competitions in “Open”, assigned categories where the subject is assigned. and Subjects assigned for Photographers Society of America competition.  “Open” has no guidelines and can be any subject taken at any time.  Identical digital slides or prints are not be entered in the same competition in different categories.

Competitions provide a way for Members to learn and grow as photographers and a way for members to see the work of their fellow members. The competitions are judged by three impartial judges, who are volunteers from surrounding area Photography Clubs. Its goal is to provide a fair means for members of having their work evaluated objectively.

We participate in a Judging Circuit with two other area clubs, The Photographers Forum and the Nashua Camera Club, both in Nashua. Judges are always needed for this to work. Although it is totally voluntary, members are encouraged to participate in the circuit to help keep it going. Periodically we have training sessions to help members understand judging guidelines. If you would like to participate, contact Walter Freisendorf at

Read more about our Competition Judging Guidelines and Competition definitions and Guidelines.

The 2012-2013 competition subjects are located on the Competition Subjects page.