1st place at Paul Carlson print competition!


Manchester Camera Club wins 1st place at Paul Carlson print competition.

As a club, MCC received 468 points. Congratulations to Joe Drapeau, Kent Messamore and Bill Gehan for their 3rd, 4th, and HM mentions.

Joe Drapeau – 3rd Place
28 Points
steam train 01-06-13-240x2-2-Edit-Edit-Edit

Joe Drapeau – 4th Place
Bass Harbor
27 Points
anasquam light house 11-28-12-18_7_6-Edit

Bill Gehan – Honorable Mention
Portland Head Sunset in B&W
26 Points

Kent Messamore – Honorable Mention
St. Mary’s Lake
26 Points
St Marys Lake 16x20 BW

The club results were as follows:

5 Final Light                –                 Sally Turner 20
11 The Carousel         –         Prashant Thumma 21
17 Portland Head Sunset in B&W  –   Bill Gehan 26
23 Brair Bridge              –               Joe Drapeau 24
29 USS Constitution       –       Kent Messamore 21
35 Gleanso Brook               –              Bob Legg 24
41 Mount Desert Island Bridge – Karen  Hudnall 22
47 Sunapee Fern              –             Dick Hudnall 24
53 Stone Arch Bridge         –         Joe Drapeau 25
59 St. Mary’s Lake and Gse Ilnd – K Messamore 26
65 Going Home           –          Prashant Thumma 19
71 Portland Head Moon Reflection  –  Bill Gehan 23
77 Mandrills In A Row          –         Dick Hudnall 24
83 Bass Horbor              –              Joe Drapeau 27
89 Grand Tetons           –         Kent Messamore 24
95 Female Cardinal              –              Bob Legg 23
101 Butchart Dahlia           –           Karen Hudnall 24
107 Potcast                  –                   Dick Hudnall 21
113 #7470                      –                Joe Drapeau 28
119 Oh My God            –            Kent Messamore 22


First place in NECCC Spring Pictorial Section – Class A

First place in NECCC Spring Pictorial Section – Class A!

Manchester Camera Club took first place in the NECCC Pictorial Section – Class A, with a total of 91 points. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Special congratulations go out to Bob Legg and DJ McQuade for receiving 3rd places with 24 points.

The club results were as follows:

Title Photographer Points Place
Good Harbor Beach Gehan, Bill 21
Female Cardinal Legg, Bob 24 3rd
Rock Of Gibraltar Mcquade, DJ 24 3rd
Apples Moore, Peter 22

Bob Legg – 3rd place
Female Cardinal
24 Points
Female Cardinal

DJ McQuade – 3rd place
Rock of Gibraltar
24 Points
Female Cardinal

NECCC Pictorial First Place

NECCC Pictorial First Place

PSA Honors Award and Honorable Mentions

PSA Honors Award and Honorable Mentions!

Congratulations to the Peter Moore, Abby Krim and Joe Drapeau for their excellent showing in the third round of PSA’s Projected Images Division (PID):

Peter Moore – Honors Award
gazebo w/trees
Gazebo With Trees

Abby Krim – Honorable Mention
Cowboy Silhouette by Abby Krim
Cowboy Silhouette

Joe Drapeau – Honorable Mention
Nubble Light by Joe Drapeau
Nubble Light